Easton Pacific's Hospitality division, Resort Asset Management, focuses on the acquisition, development and operation of Select Service Hotel and ancillary restaurant, retail and mixed use projects, property improvement, and the rebranding of existing hotel projects to include ancillary mixed use development opportunities designed to increase hotel amenities and enhance the project's upside potential.



Our team is able to acquire suitable locations, design a facility to meet customer and tourist demands, construct the hotel in a cost effective and timely manner, and operate the hotel to maximize RevPAR.  The result is an asset that outperforms its competitive set in its market.


Resort Asset Management, Easton Pacific and our strategic partners provide innovative, common sense based development, construction, and management solutions that utilize proven operational techniques.  Our clients have significantly benefitted from our expertise and the cooperative relationships and strategic alliances we maintain, thereby taking advantage of our extensive combined experience, and proven investment and project strategies.


Our keys to success include employing best in class development and asset management in the markets we serve.  We are recognized in the industry for our hospitality development and operations expertise, and for maximizing return on investment for our partners and owners we serve.